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The taste of success is sweet.  Success is happy relationships, prosperous businesses or popularity.  Success is the amazing feelings of accomplishment, happiness and love.

These are the foundations of success:
Love - love it.  Totally.  Master the skill of keeping that love powerful and strong - every day of your life.
Inspiration - inspiration will keep you motivated and will give you the energy to continue pursuing your goals.
Role model - Role models help us define our goals.  It could be a family member, a friend or a total stranger.  A role model makes the journey a lot easier since you don't have to pave your own road...

I absolutely love what I do, each and every person I meet is a source of inspiration.

Pursue your success.  It's within reach.
Speaking 4.png

" are, by far, the best Israeli speaker I have ever heard in this synagogue..."

A. Montreal, QC

" made me think...I decided to do something about life is so meaningful..."

A. Philadelphia, PA

S. Phoenix, AZ

"...the right person, in the right time, at the right place with the right saved me, you know..."

F. Los Angeles, CA

" changed my is amazing...I am so happy..."

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