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Give them a break!

My son and his wife were at our house for the Sabbath. We also had a house guest - my wife's nephew.

It was fun. Our meals went on discussing all sorts of things.

Yet, my youngest kid, 13, drove everybody up the wall.

I do understand him; after all he is five years younger than his next-up-the-line brother so he does not find much interest in the conversation. Moreover, he is diabetic and his blood sugar is not under control (a whole blog just about that topic. I promise!).

In anyway, my other children made remarks in regards the way we treat their brother, how much we are lenient with him and how we were more strict with them.

I believe that scenario occurs in many homes. It seems as if their argument is valid.

Well, it is not.

It has been 11 years since my oldest child was 13 years old. It is not much.

Yet, it is a lot.

The world is changing rapidly. A lot of things have changed in the past ten years: technology, social concepts, social themes. WE have changed.

It is impossible to discipline a child today the way we did ten years ago.

The world is moving fast; we have to adapt fast.

So, folks, go easy on them. Think. Try to understand the reality and figure out proper tools.

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