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Abraham - 1

Abraham Isaac and Jacob are called the forefathers of the Jewish nation.

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob represent the most fundamental aspects of Judaism; their work in the world laid out the foundations on which the Jewish nation was built. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob represent the most basic values, morals and codes of behavior of Judaism.


Abraham was the son of Terah who was an expert in spirituality - the 'dark' side of it (impurity). Terah was a manufacturer and a distributor of figurines; he was a prominent member of the community, a very religious pagan.

It was that environment that made Abraham doubt paganism. He looked at nature - the Earth, the creation, the stars, the moon and the sun - and made a rational decision that there was a creator who created the world.

Abraham was the first person ever to consider the thought that a figurine, made with stone or wood, may have any powers over anything as total stupidity. He started asking questions, making strong comments and expressing his perception that there must be a superior power that created the world and is in charge of everything.

It took him 72 years of continuous personal and spiritual growth before his perception of God was complete and solid. He was confronted by his father, his community and the king of his city. Every confrontation, threat and challenge made his faith in God stronger. Abraham's faith became solid as a rock and he started experiencing God in his life.

Abraham is the forefather of Monotheism.

Abraham's leading character was grace, sympathy and giving to the other. He put his tent close to the highway; his tent was a ‘rest area’ for travelers who wanted to get some rest, eat or drink. His tent had four entrances - one in each direction - so travelers who were traveling the highways would have no inconvenience finding their way in.

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