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In less than two weeks, Jews around the world will celebrate Passover. Passover is a fundamental holiday in Judaism; it brings to us some...

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant. The world lost a celebrity that was everything but a celebrity.

Abraham - 1

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - the forefathers of Judaism. Who were they? What have they left behind?

Let's appreciate life

A stay at the hospital. Part of the healing process for those who are sick. Life altering for those who keep them company.

10th of Tevet

10th of Tevet. A day of fast? Why? Why mourn events that happened 2500 years ago???

Hanukah 3

More about to do it right.

Hanukah 2

Why is Hanukah celebrated by lighting up candles? What is the meaning behind the candle lighting?

Hanukah 1

Hanukah. Why do we celebrate Hanukah? How do we celebrate Hanukah? The first post in the series - one week before Hanukah.

The Jewish Calendar

The Jewish Calendar. How is it structured? Are there holidays or special days?

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