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The Coronavirus - going back to 'Normal'

The human being is the most intelligent creature on Earth.

In Bereshit (Genesis), the Torah says that God created Adam from the soil of the Earth and “He blew into his nostrils the breath of life” (ויפח באפיו נשמת חיים) in order to bring him to life. Unkelos, one of the commentators explains that the “breath of life” is ‘a spirit that talks’ (רוח ממללא) or, in other words – speech, verbal skills.

Human beings are not just ‘another living creature’. Human beings are in a league of their own. Thanks to advanced speech and communication skills, human beings communicate, share ideas and thoughts, express emotions and feelings, plan together, develop and build.

The power of speech – speech IS very powerful - makes us who we are.

It has been two months since the entire population of the world was forced to change its life style and put on hold its daily routine. The Coronavirus brought about a whole new reality: no social gathering, no meetings, no parties, no family visits. Workplaces were shut down. Places of worship are shut down. Community centers are shut down.

It hurts!

We took socializing, talking, sharing, congregating and visiting for granted. We never realized how much we needed it. We never realized how much all those simple daily activities define who we are.

They are now discussing ‘going back to NORMAL’…What is ‘normal’?

To be able to resume a daily ‘normal’ routine, we are required to wear masks at all times. Not a ski mask, not a full facial mask. A mask just over our mouths, the human being’s most special ‘tool’…

Our ‘spirit that talks’ was given to us, the human beings, in order to develop the land, create, build and make the world an amazing place. It was given to us for the purpose of sharing thoughts and ideas, expressing emotions and feelings, loving and caring.

Unfortunately, in many instances, our most powerful tool is being used in a very ‘non-productive manner’. The human beings managed to abuse their most precious asset, to betray the one super skill that defines them.

The fact that ‘going back to normal’ requires a ‘mouth cover’, just like our four-legged friends, is very disturbing. It feels human beings are being ‘downgraded’, are being put on a leash…

Let’s hope we learn our lesson.

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