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Kobe Bryant

You don't have to be a basketball fan in order to mourn the tragic death of Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant was a basketball superstar, had an amazing career and made a lot of money.

Kobe Bryant was a celebrity.

Yet, people are not mourning Kobe Bryant the basketball player, the millionaire, the celebrity. People are aching because of the loss of Kobe Bryant the father, the husband, the good soul that he was.

Fame and money are very likely to affect people's personality. In most cases, in a very bad way. Fame and money tend to make people arrogant, spoiled and self-centered.

It is not easy to be a celebrity. Celebrities are being looked at through a magnifying glass. People want to know everything about them: where they live, what kind of a car they drive, how they dress and what they think. People are attracted to the glamour and fame; if they see a celebrity, they want to have a selphie with him/her, shake their hand, speak to them.

Kobe Bryant experienced all of the above.

Yet, unlike many other celebrities, he understood that a person in his position has a responsibility. He knew he was a figure. He knew he was a role model. He knew a lot of children and adults look up to him.

Kobe Bryant understood he had to show humility rather than arrogance, maintain his good nature and morals.

Kobe Bryant knew his fame, career and money came to him thanks to the love of the fans and he was committed to give back to the people who loved him so much. He gave back to the community by being very generous, but he gave so much more by being who he was.

Kobe Bryant was a good husband, a great father and a very nice person.

That was his most significant contribution.

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