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Cain, Abel and Disney...

We all know the story of Cain and Abel...They were the only two sons of Adam and Eve...The world for two people...more than enough...yet, they argued, they fought and then Cain killed Abel.

Why? Does it make a difference if you own the whole world or half of the world? Come on…

I love going to Disneyland. I was just there, in September with my son. I get very excited every time I go there.

It is amazing to see that many of the visitors are adults. Why do they come to a theme park that was aiming at kids?

The answer is very simple: children enjoy the park, they come for Mickey and Donald. Adults get excited, they appreciate the perfection, they admire the creation.

Disney parks are amazing. So perfect. So immaculate. The attention to each and every detail, the ability to create a whole atmosphere of fantasy - this is something children can not appreciate since they don’t have the tools and the life experience.

Adults do. Adults have life experience, they have professional experience and their personality is developed.

Children enjoy what they get in the park, adults have a lot of respect to those who do it and how well they do it.

Cain’s personality was not developed enough to appreciate the abundance he had in front of him. It is not enough to give someone half of the world. You have to make sure he/she has the tools to appreciate it.

Cain did not.

We want to provide our children with the best and lots of it: a great house, schooling, toys, family trips and more.

They must appreciate it, be grateful and use it very wisely.

It is our responsibility to see to it that they do.

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