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Don't give up on your children!!!

I have a good friend. A very good friend. An amazing family.

His oldest son is about 16 years old. He is a good kid. Very smart .

However, his parents are very disappointed.

They are the kind of parents who dedicate their lives to their children.

Upper middle class, nice house, great education, family vacations - the whole nine yards.

Yet, that kid - he has an older sister but the rest are younger - is not doing well in school. He is so smart, but he is not even trying. Totally not motivated.

All he cares for is going out with friends, hanging out, movies, etc. Obviously, when the focus in on being with friends, parents are, sort of, 'in his way...'.

He is definitely a great kid. I made a certain suggestion that I believed could bring a change.

The last time we discussed the issue I asked my friend about my suggestion. He looked at me, rather sad, and said he kinda' gave up...

I was blown away! I almost cried!!!

Hey everybody!

Don't give up on your children. Never! Please!

We expect to raise our children as our parents raised us. Copy - Paste. Easy.

Well, I have news for you. It doesn't work that way!

If it were to be like that, the would have been 'flat'...No progress. No imagination.

The world is moving forward. We, the parents, need to develop our personality as we go along. The challenges we face with our children are there FOR US! THE PARENTS!

I am not perfect. I am a parent like everybody else. I try. Sometime I succeed, sometime I make mistakes.

Our children are smart, sophisticated and filled with energy. Still, they are children NOW - not 50 years ago. In order to get as high and as far as they can get - the need parents that can help them get there - NOW. Not 50 years ago...

Don't give up on them.

Ultimately, their success is our success.

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