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Spirituality? Come on...give me a break..

How important is spirituality? Does it play a role in our lives? Maybe it does not exist at all…

Well, spirituality is not tangible. We can not sense it with any of our senses.

How do we know it exists? Maybe it does not. Maybe we are entirely physical. Maybe there is no such a ‘thing’ as ‘spirituality’...

While most of the people in our world accept spirituality as an absolute fact, the above questions must be addressed.

The questions are legit. We live in a physical world so it is difficult for us to comprehend something that can not be sensed. Still, there are ‘things’ that exist although we can not sense them in our physical senses.

René Descartes, the French philosopher said ‘I think, therefore I am’. We can not sense our mind but we KNOW it is there. Descartes claims that relating to our being physically is not enough to prove there is a being. It may as well be that our senses mislead us.

The only thing that is absolutely there is what thinks, realizes, considers, doubts etc. The only thing that defines our being beyond any doubt is our mind - or our awareness or consciousness - which are (they are basically the same thing) totally non-physical.

We call that ‘thing’ - awareness, consciousness - a soul.

People who experienced clinical deaths and ‘came back’ have all provided the same description. I don’t need to describe it here. It can be easily googled.

Some people who were hypnotized and taken ‘back in time’, were taken back to times before they were born. They have provided detailed description of a whole life - a life they have ‘experienced’ before they were born. Their descriptions and stories were validated and found true.

Our being is not physical. It is not limited to time and space. It exists forever. We call it ‘our soul’. It is absolutely spiritual (see my blog about spirituality).

There is out there, around us and within us a whole world of spirituality. It is live and kicking.

Does it affect us? Well, Judaism teaches that is way more dominant. Judaism teaches that everything that happens in the physical world is an outcome of whatever happens in the spiritual world.

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