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Spirituality vs Matter

Spirituality is (almost) beyond human comprehension.

We live in a physical world. Everything around us can be sensed by one of our natural senses: we see, hear, smell, touch and taste. All five senses are very useful when it comes to matter but won’t be much help when it comes to spiritual ‘things’...

Judaism teaches us that spirituality is the absolute opposite to matter.

In order to understand spirituality, then, we will first need to find out what characterises matter best. The absolute opposite will be spirituality.

Matter can be best perceived by:

Mass - Tangible things require space. They take space. A physical body has a mass.

Time - Matter is affected by time. Matter ages.

Spirituality, then, should be the absolute opposite.

A spiritual ‘entity’ will not/does not have a mass and it will/ does not require any space. A spiritual entity can not be limited to ‘a space’ since the idea of space is irrelevant in spirituality.

A spiritual entity does not get affected by time. It never ages. Time is relevant in the physical world only and has no meaning at all in the spiritual world.

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