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What a great feeling!

Last Sunday I was the master of ceremony at a wedding. Rather, the MC of the Chuppah, which is the main event in a Jewish wedding.

I have done it many times. Yet, this time it was different. It was the wedding of my wife's niece.

We are very close, but the connection is family, not professional. They know I am good at what I do and they know I have tons of experience.

Still, she and her husband (to be husband, then), since they had a certain image of how their

Chupah is going to be (just like any other couple), tried to dictate what I am going to say, how and when.

At a certain point, when I saw where it was going, I went to them and told them the following:

I am a professional. YOU asked me to do that. Either you trust me and give me the space to create some theme and excitement, or just take someone else.

I promise you - so I have told them - it will be an exciting and emotional ceremony. I promise your guests will remember this wedding for a very long time.

It worked. They decided to cooperate and give me the freedom I needed.

The Chuppah was magical and the wedding was amazing. God had put the proper words in my mouth so the Chuppah was exciting and emotional and inspiring and moving - all at the same time.

The best part of my job is to find out I had 'touched' people - in the most positive way - as if I was sent there by God to say the right words at the right time exactly where those words had to be said. I happened to me many times.

This wedding generated for me one of the exciting moments ever.

A member of the band came to me after the ceremony. They perform every night. hundreds of weddings.

He said it was the first time he felt he was 'inside' the ceremony.

It was so well conducted - so he said - that he wished he was there...getting married...

Isn't it awesome???

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