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What is Judaism?

Judaism is a religion that adheres to the laws of the Torah as delivered by Moses at the mountain of Sinai. The Jewish people who live according to the principles of Judaism are recognised as the Jewish Nation.

Judaism is based on three principles:

1. There is a creator - God - who is one, unique and unlike anything else. God is mighty and is the highest form of spirituality. God can not be perceived by the human mind or by any intelligence - neither living nor artificial. All descriptions or sayings in regards to God use physical terms just so we can relate to God in a manner that human beings can comprehend.

2. God provided his top creation - the human beings - with extensive knowledge about the world they live in as well as specific requirements and morals by which they should lead their lives.

3. God maintains an ongoing close relationship (creator/created relationship) with each and every entity created by him - from the tiniest particle to the largest galaxy.

Adhering to the above concepts and living according to the morals dictated by God enhances and uplifts one’s spirituality.

The above three statements can be validated.

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