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Enjoy Your Flight...

I travel for work very often. I spend a lot of time on airplanes.

Throughout the years, I have seen and experienced a lot of disturbing


here are some of my thoughts:

1. Why not address the crew by their names? They have name tags. They are people.

They are there to serve you. The crew tries very hard to do the job right and to be nice to the passengers. Shouldn't the passengers be nice to the crew - or at least try to?

2. The flight attendant is there to serve you with food and drinks and make sure

you are safe while on board. She/He did not cook the food. They had no saying

in regards to the menu. Why the attitude when the selection is not to your liking?

3. The flight attendants are not porters. They are not there to handle your

luggage. They do it to speed up the boarding process and be helpful. Why the hell are you expecting them to put away your heavy carry-on for you?

4. The flight attendants did not assign you to your seat. Why fight with her/him over that?

Why not cooperate and be quick? When you fight with a flight attendant over a seat,

you make her/him as well as all the passengers upset.

5. Some people, once on board, completely forget the very basics: 'please', 'thank you',

'I am sorry'...

6. The bathroom onboard. Some people are disgusting the way they leave it after using it...

The list is much longer; yet, I think that's enough...

We get on board to travel from point A to point B. Some people spend a lot of time on airplanes.

Let's do our best to make it a pleasant experience - for us, the passengers, and the crew.

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