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Is Judaism for Jews only?

Yes. The laws and restrictions of Judaism are relevant to the Jewish people only.

Yet, Judaism is combined of two major aspects:

1. Laws, restrictions, dictations, rituals.

2. Morals and codes of behaviour.

While the first aspect is relevant to the Jewish people only, the second aspect is relevant to all mankind and should be taught and passed on to all.

As an example:

Jewish dietary laws - by which food is considered kosher - represent a concept of laws and restrictions. While Jews are required to adhere to those laws, non-Jews do not have to limit their diet to kosher food only - whatever kosher food may be.

On the other hand, respecting the elderly is a commandment that falls under the category of morals. For Jews this is a mandatory code of behaviour. However, since it is also a social code of behaviour, we believe it should be taught to all. While non-Jews don’t have to adhere to the very details of the commandment, should all people respect the elderly as a common social moral, it will enhance the relationships within the community.

Another example:

The Jewish sages - great Rabbis, very spiritual people who lived many years ago - teach us to avoid postponing chores and assignments. If you can do it today - do it. Don’t put it off till tomorrow.

This is not a dictation nor is it a commandment.

It is a way of life. It is a way of life that paves the road to success: be focused, be efficient. It is a way of life that should be adopted by anybody who wishes to become successful.

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