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Long and Happy Relationships 1

Yesterday, as I was going through some headlines, I saw a headline regarding a woman, a matchmaker, who is allegedly accused of scamming her clients. I went through the article very briefly; the amounts of money she was charging her clients were substantial.

Obviously, people are gasping for love and warmth and are willing to pay a lot of money in order to find love. I am very much aware of that; as a speaker, relationships and related topics are the most popular ones.

Yet, the questions should be asked:

We are living in an era of fast, reliable and easy communications. However, people find it hard to truly connect...

Why is that so?

Why, in some countries, people refrain from getting married?

Why is divorce rate sky-rocketing? Is there a way to change it?

We are living in era of should be easy and comfortable and it should reflect on our relationships. The fact is we witness exactly the opposite: people are not happy, people don't manage to maintain long, solid happy and satisfying relationships.

I think I will dedicate the next few posts to this subject.

stay tuned.

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