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Long and Happy Relationships 2

Hi folks,

If we wish to tackle the subject of relationships, we have to start in the beginning.

Why was there a need for a matchmaker in the first place?

Very long ago people used to marry their relatives or their closest neighbors. That was very long ago.

Later on, but way before the modern era, when life routine was within the town or the neighborhood - work, social and family - in most cases, people would marry people they met locally. Since the circle of friends and family was limited and since there was hardly a chance to broaden that circle, matchmakers became a true need. They had very long lists of men and women, they kept on expanding those lists, updating them and studying each and every person on the list.

Why, then, did the matchmaking profession died in the modern era?

Most likely, for three reasons:

At first, people became more mobile, the circle of friends has gotten larger and people felt they could find the right one by themselves.

Second, the modern era introduced a whole new life style with a lot of social and fun activities. People started going out where it was easy to meet new people in a casual environment. It was fun and it was very exciting.

The third reason matchmakers became very unpopular was due to the fact that matchmakers were no less then vary aggressive sales people and people hated that.

The reality is, people are now moving back towards the matchmaking option. Why?

The sky-rocketing divorce rate, the lack of happiness and the insecurity of people show that the concept of meeting your dream spouse in a club doesn't really work.

People are seeking solid relationships and love through matchmakers - either a real person or virtual (dating sites) since these two options are considered more sincere and more professional.

Well, I wish to suggest a additional option.

What if everybody considered themselves 'matchmakers'?

What if everybody had his/her friend/relative in mind?

What if seeking a relationship wasn't something to be discrete about?

What if people stopped hiding behind a facade of false self confidence and started sharing

their desire for a relationship with friends and family?

Yes. I agree. This is a very unorthodox behavior for the 21st century.

Yet, if embraced, the result, so I believe, could be amazing.

Who knows me better - a stranger matchmaker (or a single dimensional web page) or a good friend, a brother or a parent?

Who has a true desire to make me happy for real and for a very long time? A stranger/ or someone I trust and love?

Should the modern world adopt this approach, relationships will be initiated based on care and love - the care an love of our closest friends and family.

Shouldn't care and love be the foundations of any relationship to begin with?

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